Residential & Commercial Paving in Newton MA

The paving contractors at Boston Choice Driveways are regular visitors of Newton, MA. We have been supplying people with our residential and industrial paving services for years. Whatever the problem may be, our paving business is there to support you in every direction we can!

Our experts have been delivering our top-notch pavement services to Newton residents for over 20 years. Our professional contractors can assist you with any paving issues you might have. We aspire to develop and sustain outstanding relationships with all of our clients!

We provide hardscaping and masonry services to those looking to transform their backyard. Enjoy the nights back on your new fire pit or deck. Whatever you’re searching for, Driveway Experts can see that the vision is coming to life.

For more information on paving facilities, we are providing Newton, or to get a quote, please email us today! Our experts can be contacted by filling out our feedback page or by calling (844) 244-4249.


Seeking a paving contractor with customized services to your needs can be challenging in Newton, Massachusetts. Are you looking for maintenance or a new pavement? You don’t need to scratch your head any longer to check for premium paving facilities!

Our experts are proud to offer services dedicated to all paving needs. From parking lots to pavement driveways and residential to industrial pavements, we are a one-stop-shop in Newton Massachusetts for your paving needs.


With thirty years of experience in the industry, Newton MA has been one of the leading contractors in the field of paving. Our work guarantees consistency under the guidance of specialists who constantly track the success of the work to ensure reliable paving.

We agree that consistency is the basis for your work. That’s why our team at Boston Choice Driveways is always ready to go the extra mile to ensure we fulfill your dreams.

We provide a reliable paving experience where we opt for state-of-the-art paving equipment, including advanced machinery and technology for smoothing the ground for new pavements. Apart from our diligent professionals, the use of premium materials makes our services a perfect option for all sorts of paving problems in Newton Massachusetts.

Isn’t that interesting? To have a deeper view into our work, please look at our fields of expertise as follows.

Asphalt paving
Asphalt Maintenance and repair
Parking Lot paving
Driveway paving
Commercial asphalt using laser technology
Residential paving
Parking lot repair and maintenance
Driveway repairs
Commercial Asphalt paving
Residential driveway installation and repair

Please email us today, and get a free estimate from us. We provide pre-scheduling and expense analysis before work to make it easy for our customers to plan their budgets.


We are proud to provide excellent paving services in Newton, MA, where we focus not only on delivering the highest standard for residential and commercial paving but also on embellishing the locations. We are happy to produce the perfect performance, and we’re waiting for your answer!

To have an improved work experience, our consultants continue to track the work to ensure positive results. We also determine the consistency of the paving of raw materials and provide our customers with paving that lasts a lifetime.


Please email us today to discuss the paving needs with the drive specialists. Our Newton MA services are available in the city and the surrounding areas. Receive a free quote for our paving services by calling us at +1 833 MAROADS.