Residential & Commercial Paving in Concord MA

A cracked or crumbling driveway reduces the outlook of your home. To provide you with an aesthetically pleasing premium finish of your driveway and high-end functionality, Boston Choice Driveways is the first and obvious choice! We provide a wide range of options with the best prices.

We also cater to all your corporate and commercial needs, paving a smoother way to your business in Concord Massachusetts!


If you’re looking for reliable construction material and durable output, Asphalt is the best choice. It is as good or even better than concrete with reduced prices!

We have fulfilled our clients’ needs and dreams by building their driveways and paving perfect sideways for the last 3 decades!

It is of utmost importance that the durability, weather conditions, manufacturers, and life span of Asphalt should be taken into account before making any choice.

At Boston Choice Driveways, the highest quality product is used in asphalt installation. Each batch produced by us displays consistency and the highest quality. You can bid farewell to the sinkholes and cracks in your driveways.


We have explored all options and done the cost-benefit analysis for you. Asphalt is a cost-effective and equally efficient option compared to concrete. We are the best in the business just like Asphalt in materials! We bring you the best deals for you with high-level work and 100% satisfaction.

Breaking the Cost Down

Compared to industry charging you tons, we provide an average cost of around $3-$5 per square feel

Overlay Costs

We have often observed that compared to what other contractors might suggest, you do not have to pave the entire driveway but only smooth an already existing driveway. This would cost you only around $1.5-$2.5 per square foot.

Repair Costs

If you find a sinkhole in your driveway, don’t worry. We are at your service with an invoice between no more than $500-$1200.

Why Choose Us?

We know you have multiple options and it may be a little confusing. We are here to make things easier and simpler for you and put all your worries to rest. We give you a brief idea of why we should be your first and only choice:

• Family run business with best solutions to all your problems
• 24-hour callback policy
• No middle man, direct one-on-one interaction
• Minimizing your costs and answering all your queries personally
• Can easily handle complex jobs and keep our customers updated
• Multiple options to choose from
• Ensure excellence in our work
• High-quality work

We are a name you can trust over 30 cities in Massachusetts. We are just around the corner so contact us now and!